Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Wedding Picture

This is a picture of the groom and all the girls at the wedding this weekend. Was held at an old mansion that is now a museum. It was a beautiful day! The little girls look like they are really having fun!

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Funeral, a Graduation , and a Wedding

I think this sounds like movie to me! Busy weekend, but very enjoyable mostly, except the funeral which I really didn't attend, but my husband did. The graduation was for my cousins twins, most all of the family were there, so a mini family reunion. Then on to a wedding for a dear friend's niece, which my daughter also was a bridesmaid. This girl's mom had ovarian cancer, and passed away last July. She and her groom had a committment ceremony exactly a year ago on May 22, with her mom present. So this day was very special to her and her family.

Then me and my husband left the reception and enjoyed a nice evening walking around the town and having a nice dinner together. All and all a nice weekend. Then when we came home and planted our garden. Then suddenly a storm blew threw town, tornado and hail, 3 inch in diameter. Luckily lasted only a little while, so not much damage.