Friday, September 27, 2013

Engagement, wedding dress, summer wedding for daughter!

This summer something exciting happened in our family, Lindsey are only daughter became engaged with a wonderful young man that we just love! He also has a 7 year son who is already a part of our family.  He already calls me Grandma Susan! (Love it)  The Wedding ball has started rolling.  My daughter is her mother's daughter, she is very organized and already has most everything planned, even though the wedding is not until next June. 

A couple of weeks ago we planned a weekend shopping for the wedding dress.  Her bridesmaids were invited, her grooms Mother, and she was so thoughtful, that she asked if I wanted to invite one of my best friends (which only has 2 boys and actually considers Lins a daughter so she was ecstatic!)

She had 3 appointments that day, but found her dress at the first store, the first one she looked at, the first one she tried on.  Amazing day, many great memories were made, and one that I will treasure forever!  I imagine only the first of such days that will come this year!