Thursday, July 2, 2009

Weekend plans wrecked!

Well I am definately feeling sorry for myself. We had some pretty fun plans for the 4th of July and because of my husbands dedication to his job, we have to stay home. This is why I love him, he has always been a very good provider, but I am bummed. We were going to Estes Park, Colorado in our 5th wheel to a beautiful campground with some friends. We also have some friends who have a house there. Coming from 100 degrees weather, I was looking forward to cool weather. There are really cute shops in Estes, and the fireworks over the lake would be great. I have the groceries for a shrimp boil planned for Sat. night. Sooooo, plans changed, we are staying home, having some friends over for the shrimp boil in our backyard. Another friend is in a band and they are playing at a local bar, so thinking about going and listening to their band. So all is not lost after all. I will cheer up and look forward to the weekend!


dkuroiwa said...

Damn Bill and that crazy work ethic of his, anyway!! He really needs to get over that "if I don't do it, it doesn't get done right" attitude he's got going! He's the boss...he needs to learn to delegate!!
But...think of the money you saved by NOT shopping up at Estes (maybe that was his evil plan all along! mwahahahaha!!)
Have a great weekend!! Dance one for me!!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Okay, but a shrimp boil sounds awesome!

Have a great weekend.