Tuesday, September 22, 2009

R.I.P. Gus

A couple of weeks ago, we were getting ready for our annual camping vacation in the mountains. This is a favorite trip for our 2 yellow labs, since they get to go with us. We actually call it the "dog" vacation. Our old guy, Gus, had not been feeling particularly well. But since he is 12 years old, this is not unusual. We kept a watch on him, and he seemed to snap out of it.

We were leaving on Saturday morning at 7:00 since it is about a 6 hour drive. Bill had gotten up really early, and came a woke me up. Sometime during the night Gus has passed away and was just laying out in the yard. This was a terrible shock, you just don't expect it. I almost think now it was an omen, since the trip would have probably been hard on him.

We had gotten Gus because my son had been babysitting for the people down the street, and their lab had puppies. My son really wanted one, and they gave him the pick of the litter. He seen the puppies everyday, until they were ready to be taken to their homes. Therefore, it was the hardest thing in the world, to call Marcus, who had not been home since March, and tell him the news. Telling our daughter wasn't easy either.

But here we were at 5:45 that morning, digging a hole in the creek not far from our house and having a ceremony for Gus, before we left. He is buried right next to our previous dog, Doc, a German Shorthair Pointer who died at 15, the year we got Gus.

Now left at home with us is Jake, our other lab, 5 years old, who doesn't know anything else but having a pal. He has changed, although a very good dog. So now the question, do we get another one, or just stay with 1 dog. We got Jake 5 years ago when our son left for college, and we knew Gus would be terribly lonely. Now we are in the situation. I guess we will see!


Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, I am so sorry to hear of you losing Gus. This is never easy, but I think Gus did you a favor. It is so hard to see them age and fall into one illness or another and they suffer. Seems he did not suffer.
As far as getting another dog, I could not tell you what you should do, but I would probably get another one. They seem to like being in pairs. (like me)
Good luck, Suz

Deborah said...

I just found your blog,I like your title! I am sorry about your dog, Gus, that is so sad, Labs are great dogs! He must have been a fine pet. If it were me, I would get a puppy for Jake, but that's me being me.. I would wait ofcourse but it's so much fun having a puppy in the house!