Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One of My Most Embarrassing Moments!

I have had the week from you know where, and next week will be worse. But anyway, on Tuesday, I had a family funeral so I wore a skirt and sweater to work. I had to make a dessert for the funeral dinnner put on by the ladies of the church (Me included). So I left early to drop it by the church, just before leaving the house, took one last bathroom break, threw on my coat, and out the door. No one was at the church, so I used my key to get in and tooke my dessert in. I was leaving the church through the basement door, and noticed someone was at the top of the stairs at main entrance trying to get in, and I aksed if they were having trouble with their key, about the time they got the door opened. Unfortunately he turned to me and said hey what are you doing here, I explained, standing with my back to the sun, and then I turned to get in my car, opened my door, and looked down at my skirt. The outer layer had gotten stuck in the waste band, and only the inner, very thin, black layer was hanging below my coat. And with the sun at my back, was completely see through.

I don't know what the guy seen through his eyes, I am hoping it just looked normal, but I guess when I see him a church Sunday, I will be either really embarrassed or nothing will happen.

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dkuroiwa said... i'm wondering a) did he say anything or give you a "hey i saw your unders the other day" kind of look? and b) which one of the guys it was.....funny if it had been that old flame of yours! hahahaha!!!
embarrassing moments? meh. maybe for others...i just look at them as "entertainment for the masses"! (and she bows....exit...stage left)
love you sweetie...hope you had a great holiday!!!