Thursday, October 2, 2008

I've been boring!

I read other blogs daily, and it seems there are such good writers out there, I get really intimidated. I seem to do the daily blogs, you know, Manic Monday, What is it Wednesday, or Friday Feast. I decided to get with it and write something else.

So, here we go, we went shopping in Colorado Springs last weekend for a birthday present for our 23 (today)year old son. He is at that age when you ask what he wants for his birthday, and he really can't think of anything. When he was younger, he would make lists. So he's had some flat tires lately, so we suggested new tires. Now I, as a woman, think tires are a pretty boring present. But my family has a thing about new tires.

Even my daughter, when she describes a car, it always includes the tires. But I guess I am lucky about this, since I've never had to change a tire. My husband is really good about rotating, and checking air, and we get new ones every so often whether we need them or not!

But it can't be just any tire, they have to be manly for a truck, and it helps if they have raised white letters. We looked at about every tire place there was before we bought them at Pep Boys. So now we will take his present to him on Saturday, and have a little birthday party. I had to get a little something extra, cause the mom in me thinks he needs something to open. And of course a cake. He may be 23, but he will always be my little boy!


Munchkins and Music said...

That is a great gift! Those are expensive, lucky guy!

dkuroiwa said...

First of all....I'm still finding it hard to believe that your "little boy" is twenty-freaking-three years old!!! I had a harder time last year when I thought he was going to put me in a head lock if I didn't do a shot with him!! That was just, but wrong!!
Please pass on my Happy Birthday wishes.
and good...but you're right about the something extra...gotta have it!!
(Guy would say he needs a subscription to Hustler or some other girly magazine, but...that's just Guy!!! :-D)

Janet said...

I'd love new tires for my birthday...that way I get to spend my money on other *fun* things!

"...and we get new ones every so often whether we need them or not!" - that's creative embellishment to the story, right? LOL!