Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm Back!

After a week of fun and relaxation, it is time to come back to reality. Had a great time in Grand Junction last week. I did think of home quite a bit. The morning we left I received a phone call that there was a bad wreck at home. So this was on my mind the whole day, then the next day I received another call about another wreck at home. Needless to say my heart was home with those families.

I spent a day at the spa (relaxing), a day driving through the wine country and orchards(beautiful), and alot of time shopping(exspensive). I am always glad to get home, except when you go back to work and play catch up. Also this week was the start of a Countywide Non-denomination Church Revival that is called "Crossroad Crusade". It is for 5 nights. I was asked about 6 months ago to be Treasurer for the organization. Also I joined the community choir and my church praise band is playing on 2 nights. I play the electric keyboard which I love. So I have been quite busy since I got home.

The people putting on this revival are affiliated with the Billy Graham organization. They have their own people putting it on. Us locals provide the music, place to have it, sound people, etc. I have truly loved singing in the community choir. It is so great to hear all the beautiful voices we have in our community.

The praise band in my church was started about 2 years ago when our new pastor's wife wanted to play more up to date music. She plays quitar and was in a praise band at their prior church. She has all kinds of music. We have about 7 people with us now. The church purchased a Yamaha electric piano (for me to use). It is awesome. It can do anything!

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dkuroiwa said...

Welcome back...sounds like you've been busy!!
Mom never mentioned about the 'revival' thing....was she there? she's always one for some good music!!
Looking forward to some good music when we come home!!!
and yes...I do believe we will have a "show" on the patio....and maybe some lessons!!! :-D