Monday, May 26, 2008

A few weeks ago, we put on a wedding shower for a friend's daughter and Denise, Penny, and I did a skit singing "Going to the Chapel". We decided it wouldn't be complete without wedding dresses. So here are the pictures of us crazy girls! As we were singing, a couple of other friends were on the side holding up visuals. As the song started we walked in like going down the isle, and then did motions during the song. At the end, we got the bride to be up with us, put a vale on her and she sang with us


dkuroiwa said...

Oh My God!! Is that your wedding dress?!?!?! You all look like you were having such a good time.
I expect to see the video when i'm home!!!
(Whose shower?!?!)

Susan said...

Yes that is my wedding dress. It was pretty tight. Yea it was fun, but we always have fun. It was Donnell Hume's shower (Debbie Jett's daughter)