Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Vacation Time

After the busiest month in my office, I look forward to the first of May each year. Not only because things slow down a bit at work, but because I get to travel with my husband for a week of luxery. He is a co-chair for a school for electrical lineman in Grand Junction. So I go along with him, sleep in, lounge by the pool, shop, and just enjoy myself. I really love the alone time in the mall! I eat at the Olive Garden, which he hates. I visit the wineries in the area, and stock up on wine. This is some of the best fruit wine in the world!
The evenings are spent with him and all the young linemen from the school. One night they have vendors with booths selling the various items for the job, they also have kegs of beer. Another night a local vendor from Fruita has everyone out to their home for a big bar-q-que, kegs of beer (again).
So until I get back, take care!


dkuroiwa said...

Have a great time!! Don't spend too much money...and why don't you pick up some really good bottles of wine for this summer....can you keep a bottle that long without drinking it?!?!?! A challenge for you!!! Have fun!!!

Susan said...

I'll will try! I had a wine accident on some really good(evidently too good) pear wine a few years ago! Any fruit in particular you like?