Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tax Sale Day

On Thursday is my annual Tax Sale in my office. It all starts is January, Tax Notices go out, due dates come and go, delinquent notices go out in July. If they still aren't paid in October, I advertise the taxes in our local paper, alpha by name of owner. If they still aren't paid, I sell at the tax sale. It is an auction, and yes, people, I am the auctioneer. Not an auctioneer like you think of talking fast, but there are bidders and they bid against each other until I get a final bidder. I dread this day all year. It goes fast, and everyone says I do a good job. I just get nervous about making a mistake. This ends the year process of collecting taxes, and in Jan. it starts all over again.

It really is nice, though, not being too busy in December, when you have parties and get togethers for Christmas. I already have 3 party invitations, and expect more to come. I have started some Christmas shopping, and will finish the weekend after Thanksgiving. But first, we need to remember to celebrate Thanksgiving, and be thankful for everything we have!


Janet said...

what kinds of things do you sell? Cars? Houses?

Susan said...

I sell real estate, severed mineral interest, and mobile homes.