Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Progressive Party

So I was over at Etc., Etc., Etc., reading about Debbie's party. What a party! Good job, Deb. So I thought I better tell about the party we had Saturday night. A few of my couple friends decided to have a progressive Christmas Party. We all have decorated our houses and everyone wanted to have a get together at their house, so we compromised. We started at the Patrick's house for hors de' ours and cocktails. We visited for about an hour, before we headed for the next house where we had our main course. The last stop was at my house for cheesecake with different fruit toppings. We headed for the basement to finish the evening with cocktails, again and for some team pool playing. One couple lives 20 mile in the country, so they brought the wine. It was a fun night. P.S. We did have a designated driver. Happy Holidays!

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dkuroiwa said...

I do miss a party like that!! Progressive parties are just so much fun!!! Glad it was a good one!!