Friday, April 18, 2008

I had to try something new, adding a picture! And it actually worked. This is kind of old, but in October I hosted an Oktoberfest Beer Tasting Party. OMG was it fun. Everyone brought a different kind of beer. I made brats and everyone brought a German dish. I had ordered these bibs and hats to get in the mood. If was hilarious! This was a follow up to a wine tasting party I had a few years ago, and everyone kept asking me when I was going to throw another party. I really enjoy theme parties. Decorations and all. The next party is going to be a pajama party. Everyone wears there comfy's and I'll serve mimosa (oranje juice and champagne), a breakfast caserole of some sort, and end with Irish coffee. Should be fun!


dkuroiwa said...

Does Bill and the other guys know that you posted that picture?!?!Seriously...those hats are a hoot!! Love those aprons, too!!
I'm thinking that you need to plan something for sometime in August...when I'm do that, okay?! :-D
So...I recognize you and Bill and David and I know the others???

Susan said...

I will think of something to have when you're here. The other couples are Ed & Suzannne, and Deb and Byron Short. Deb & Byron moved here about 5 years ago. She is a crazy women. Nobody knows I posted this, and hopefully they won't ever know. And you do know that is Dave Robins, Denise and him are married now.

Ciara said...

Hi Susan
welcome to the blogging world, sorry took so long to get back to you re being tagged, it has just been mental few weeks.
Love the theme party pic, they're so much fun.

suzanne said...

Hey Girlfriend,
That party was a blast. We just need to get together a little more often and have more of them. Love Ya.