Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tax Time!

O.k. are your taxes paid? This is the day we have all dreaded all year, income tax deadline. I know everyone hates to pay taxes. But needless to say I put food on my table because of taxes. Not income taxes, but local property taxes. Yes, I am a tax collector. But I look at it in a different way. Because of people paying taxes the children can get an education, we have a hospital/nursing home/alzeimers unit, our children can play rec ball. I work for you the citizens of the county who own their own property. It is a very fulfilling job. I also am an investor. I take those taxes not disbursed to each entity and invest it as wisely as I can to earn the most interest. We are a small county and last year we earned $125,000.00 in interest alone.
The second job I hold is Public Trustee. Colorado is the only state in the nation with a public trustee. It is also not a very pleasant job. I hold the foreclosures in my office. I am the go between with your loan company and their lawyer and you. I also look at my job as the person to educate you in a terrible time in your life. I cannot give legal advice, but I can tell you the procedures, when you need to do something and who you need to talk to. Foreclosures are at an all time high here and all over the country. But when I hold a foreclosure, it is my neighbors who I have known most all of my life.
My job is an elected position so I also am forced to be a politician. I really don't like the politics, but in order to keep my job, I must be involved. Every 4 years I run for office.
So now you know, taxes are not always a bad thing. I pay them too.
This blogging is so much fun. How often do you get to talk about yourself and things that are important to you. It is very theraputic.


dkuroiwa said...

hey susan...yeah, I agree with you about blogging being "good for your soul"....for me, it keeps me more in touch with the "real world"....the people I have met are really a great group of people!!
Oh...tax season!!! TAx day here in Japan is march 15th!! the k-amn always does mine and it is a tricky process as I am "self employed"....crap, I had to pay again this year...not sure what our taxes pay for here...maybe i should look into that!!! I may not be happy at what i find!!
have a good one!!
tell brooke "hi"!!

Leeann said...

Wow, you sure do have some tough jobs! Necessary evils, though, and it sounds like you have a compassionate heart when people are hurting.

As for your post a couple ahead, about parties, book exchange parties are fun too. I have them for my kids each summer but it would translate really well to the adult sector, especially if you did a "Beach book exchange" and had summery frozen drinks etc.

Just an idea!