Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bill (husband), Marcus (son), and Darrell (father-in-law) just got back from a trip to Ketchikan, Alaska, where Bob (brother-in-law) is working on the highway to the bridge that goes to no-where. This was a trip of a life time for them, with Bob the built in guide. His company has a boat they used to fish.

Bill only caught really ugly fish.

Darrell and Marcus each caught a King Salmon.

They got some beautiful pictures!


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

What an amazing father/son experience!

dkuroiwa said... weird is it that I think that Marcus if hot!! (yes, is Bill!) i'm going to hell for that i know...of course, he's one of the group that made me do shots with them last summer..."c'mon,deb. you changed our diapers, now drink with us"...just how wrong was that?!?! :-D fun...but really wrong!!

I think it's great that 'the guys" could go and do that...knowing Bill...I'm sure he thought he was pretty damn close to heaven!!!