Monday, August 25, 2008

Almost had pictures!

We were out of town this weekend, and went shopping. We used Uncle Sam's stimilus check to buy a new refrigerator and had some left over, so we bought us a new camara. A smaller, sleeker digital version. I was so excited. Our old camera works pretty good, but it was when digital first came out, it is bulkier, and after you took a picture is took a long time for the screen to come back. Plus you had to change the size of each picture to download and e-mail. And that was a pain.

Well anyway, we used it Sat. night when we went out on the town. My daughter and boyfriend, my brother and his wife, were there and we took some good pictures. I was anxious to blog them, to have something to post today. So Sunday morning I was playing with the camera (I should have read directions first) and was trying to change the pixel size so I could take more pictures on the card, and yep you guessed it, went into formatting pressed YES and deleted all the pictures!!!

So now I will have to take new pictures this coming weekend on our camping trip we call the Dog Vacation. One week each year around Labor Day we take our fifth wheel, dogs, Gus and Jake, to the mountains, for the last big hurrah! So until then...................gotta get through work this week.

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dkuroiwa said...

Man!! I hate it when that happens!! It's almost as if you could have watched it all happen in slow motion..."NooooOOOooOOOoooo.....!"
Good luck...and take more...I wanna see what this boyfriend of your youngin' looks like!!!